Pile of Hearts

March 19, 2014

Vereline Sweater | Mylee Blazer | Paulina Katarina Skirt | Valentino Shoes | Geek Closet Necklace

I’m not feeling really well in the past few days. Oh you know, the most common virus in town, Flu & Sore throath are living in my body. I’m not quite sure why but I guess my body is still adjusting to my current busier schedule. *deep sigh* I need to steal some time to update my blog though, because I love all my readers! *wink wink* 
Do you ever have those days, when you just want to wear a puffy sweater to keep you warm all day? Well, this was one of those days. I was trying to get the perfect combination for the total look and I found Paulina Katarina’s Skirt that totally goes with the overall look. The silhouette of the skirt somehow makes your body looks slimmer, I just don’t know how. Well, I hope you guys enjoy the pictures!


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