August 5, 2018

Finally we are at the last part of Becoming a Wife series. Hop on to the first and second ones if you happen to be new around (and also, welcome!)

In October, Kalvin and I will reach the two-year milestone. This is nothing compared to forever that we are embracing together, but time really flies. It feels just like yesterday I vowed to spend the rest of my life with him. Along with the adventures come a lot of lessons for me personally. And here are the last part.


Words are double-edged sword. Words can mean blessing or curse – depending on how we use them. One of the most challenging lessons in life is how to speak with wisdom.

Not only toward Kalvin as my husband, but the Bible said that ‘faithful instruction is on her tongue’ – which points out to how we speak with wisdom toward everyone including the people who work for our household. Soft spoken does not always refer to weak hearted – but simply to be considerate of how we convey things. It doesn’t mean we have to tolerate any unacceptable behaviors, but more towards how to be firm but gentle at the same time.  To be vulnerable whenever we have problems and willing to solve it with a humble heart.


At the end of the day, we as women are sent to become blessings whenever we go – and it all comes down to the fear of the Lord. Being ‘noble’ is amazing, but not enough. The fear of the Lord is the root of us being a blessing anywhere we are. The closer we are to God, the closer we move towards each other. I’m learning to be more submissive and respectful towards my husband.

I’d like to remind all my sisters out there that this is not only for married women, but also for the singles. I believe that becoming an extraordinary woman is a journey of a lifetime. I really do hope that this series can be a gentle reminder for all of us of what it means to strive in our femininity.


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