March 30, 2017

Gucci sunglasses by Optik Seis | Massicot earrings | Asilio outerwear & belt | Balenciaga bag | Dior sneakers by LePortier

When I was in Melbourne, I had a pretty crazy schedule. I had to run from one show to another, meet up with friends and new people, and attend different events within one day. And yet even though there were so much going on throughout my week, I was very psyched to be there. The city was beautiful and the weather was friendly (even with some rain every now and then) that together, they pulled my urge to dress up all the time.

So the typical travel outfit for me generally aims for comfy above everything. That’s why for the outfit, I wore this outfit from Asilio the Label. I am totally in love with this Australia local brand. Its designs are all modern and edgy that it takes no effort taking you from daytime to playtime. The particular one that I chose was a blazer minidress with an accent belt. Because the weather was quite chilly, I layered it with a turtleneck top and paired it up with Balenciaga sling bag.

To make sure I got comfortable hoping through the town, I, of course, had to finish off the look with Dior sneakers. I kid you not. The sneakers are the killer. They are comfortable but do not compromise on the style – at all. With their floral embellishments on top of the shoes, I felt like having spring on my feet. I got the pair from LePortier. LePortier is a luxury marketplace that you can buy different top notch labels. Also, you can sell your second-hand items here as well. What I love most about LePortier is that they offer total convenience. All the goods will be shipped (without additional charge) to your doorstep – which is a hassle free, and the price is very transparent. They charge very low on commission rates.


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