#NYFW eps. 4

September 23, 2014

Stella Rissa

Stella Rissa Dress | Charlotte Olympia Shoes | Clarissakwok Studio rings | YSL Cassandra Bag | Prada Sunnies

Welcome to my 4th outfit of NYFW! This is the second look from my favourite Indonesian Designer, Stella Rissa. You can see the first one here. I have a serious crush on my low-back dress! The strings on the back side create such a dramatic lines proportions, which accidentally match with my Spider Web shoes by Charlotte Olympia! If you have quite sharp eyes, you’ll be amazed by the texture of my dress. The main fabric is a very heavy tweed with embossed black dots! The black bow belt is detachable, and I like it to face the front. It’s like a touch of sugar in a tea, sweetening. I played a lot with basic colours in this whole look. Of course, the main focus here is the back part of the dress. I’m choosing black and gold as the secondary colour, spicing up the whole look with my all time favourite Jewellery designer, Clarissa kwok’s Gold rings. If you are wondering why I always wear my Pandora Bracelets in all of my looks, I never take it off simply because it is my lucky charm. I got it as a graduation gift from my man and been wearing it since then.

Stella Rissa Stella Rissa Stella Rissa Stella Rissa Clarissa KwokClarissa Kwok

Stella Rissa

Charlotte Olympia Stella Rissa

One of my favourite street style look during the day! Love it from head to toe, girl!

Street Style Stella Rissa  YSL cassandra bag  SLL17


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  1. it’s a whole new level for a low back dress.
    you definitely can pull off any cloth and make it your signature style
    oh.. i adore you so much and i can’t wait for your next post
    every picture so dreamy and wonderful