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August 28, 2014


Rattanme Dots Pink Basket

A very special post for my readers on a little corner of my bedroom which consist a lot of beauty products. I just got a new pink basket for my dressing table. I love my stuff to be organised and neat. This pink basket is very useful as it can accommodate so many stuffs!


I used the first basket as my perfume box. These are all my favourites starting from Prada, Fendi, Marc Jacobs and Valentino. The basket from Rattanme Dots really help me to organise all of these stuff I have in my dressing table. They are all now looks neat and adorable!


Moving forward into my other make up storage. I got these acrylic boxes as my Christmas Present last year. I guess it was bough at Muji and the material is actually really nice. They are really heavy (but you don’t want to move them around right) so I have no problem with them. They are not easily scratched too, which is perfect. I used the smaller storage here for small cosmetics like lipgloss, lip tint, eyeliner, mascara, etc.


The upper storage is for my blushes while the bottom part is some random products that I usually wear during the day.


I have two acrylic boxes for my make up brushes which was actually designed for ornamental plants. But whatever, I really love those two vases to be in my dressing table. You can find the beads in house appliances stores. They are quite expensive but it was such a good investment. Also, you can see some of my lipstick collections starting from Chanel, YSL, Tom Ford and drug stores brand.

rattan5rattan6 rattan8 


  1. You have a lot of 3CE products! Are you a fan of the brand? If yes, why? Because i just heard about 3CE lately and i’m thinking about trying their products. It’s quite expensive tho’, so i may need some opinion. Thanks!:-) i always love your pictures