Pink Parlour, Magical Alpha Light

April 2, 2015


I did my last Pink Parlour Alpha Light treatment session before I went to Bali. I was always the type of person who never leave her shaver. I have to ‘groom’ every second day so I don’t have any visible hair. It wasted so much of my valuable time and even more so it is not good for my skin.

 After being introduced to the Alpha Light treatment, I only have to attend to it once every two weeks for a total of 7 sessions. After my 7th and final session, I don’t need to worry about unwanted hair anymore. The treatment literally slows down the growth. And the best thing is I only need to maintain it once a year!

I spent most of my time swimming and sunbathing in Bali. You wouldn’t want to look displeasing while you are in your bikini, right? Sleeveless outfits or bikinis, you name it. I don’t have to worry about it anymore. Another additional benefit is that the treatment also remove the dead skin cells, which in turn brighten my underarm skin! I’ve been asked plenty of times how I’ve maintained my underarm. Now I’m indulging this secret with you. This is a girl’s best investment ever. If you missed my previous post, read it here.

Here is a postcard from Bali taken in one of the breathtaking infinity pools. So happy that I don’t have to hide my underarms in front of everyone, including my boyfriend!


Pink Parlour is available at:

Kemang Village +62 2129528500
Pacific Place +62 21 51400627
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town +62 21 23580459


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