August 18, 2018

Outfit by Louis Vuitton

Note: Last time I made a post aboutLouis Vuitton’s latest collections. Find them right here!

Fall is a beautiful season with pretty shades of gold and orange in a majestic but mellow way at the same time. Each year has its own color and fashion style so in order to actually be on top of my fashion game, I look up toLouis Vuitton.

There are three style elements from Louis Vuitton’s latest collection. The first one is the orange-gold color, resembling the color of golden leaves and then combined with white or dark brown as of the trademarkLouis Vuitton colors. The second one is corset belt. Although it might seem a little intimidating, corset belt is an amazing compliment to your overall look. It gives a good silhouette and acts as an accessories to oomph-up your outfit. Lastly, a nicely shaped mini bag. Apart from loving the cutesy-petutesy look on the mini bag, the rigid-shaped bag is one of my favorite elements of this season.


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