February 9, 2017

After our wedding day, a lot of people have been asking me about our life after marriage. It is a common question that I also used to ask other newlyweds before my own wedding. And yet when people asked me, the question definitely makes me think.

It occurred to me that I wanted to answer with something really romantic that would make people go ooh and ahh and swooning over the fact that marriage is incredibly worth it.

It might be some romantic moments with candlelight dinners and flowers. It might also be about the presents Kalvin spent a fortune on for post-wedding present, or sweet romantic lines he came up with in the middle of the day; some huge grand gestures that can be put into movies or short videos to go viral on the Internet.

Yes, they were all amazing and Kalvin surely knows how to pamper me. But I also realize that when it comes to love and marriage, the most heart-warming memories are not the planned grand gestures, but rather the tiny little moments.

I treasure the moments when it was late in the evening, Kalvin couldn’t wait to come home and tell me about his day. It was the moment when I know I am truly treasured because Kalvin shows how he values my opinion over anyone else. It was when he cracked a joke and looked at me afterward just to make sure he successfully made me laugh. It was when he annoyingly stole my last piece of pizza and I got pissed, but I let him be anyway. It was when we were tucked in the bed late at night and I asked him to bring me a glass of water because I was too lazy to move, and he did anyway (though with all the grumblings).

You see, when it comes to love, the most beautiful love is the one we never saw coming. We have never known love until we feel tiny warmth in one millisecond – daily. This is the love that treats us like we are a home to them, just like they are to us; who will make us feel happier in the most amazing day, and stronger in our worst days.

Such love is the kind that I hope will last – and Kalvin and I are working so hard to make sure it will. From the moment we say ‘I do’, Kalvin and I promise to never let go of each other, including to nurture our relationship with daily efforts.

It might not be Instagram worthy and no one, except for us, will understand the beauty of these little moments, but with love like this, we fall a little bit more in love each day.

To commemorate our love and commitment, I have on me is a love bracelet from Cartier. The Love bracelet has been an iconic symbol that sealed passionate romance, with screws that locks to the wrist. The idea is it can only be opened and fastened with a screwdriver and a help from the partner. This is to remind me and Kalvin of putting each other as a priority and walk another mile for love.

Bracelet by Cartier












  1. I love this blog post.

    As a fellow newly-wed, I agree that after all the glamour of the special day, you are faced a beautiful reality- with a new person you see every morning and every night. It is important to treasure the little things and laugh when situations don’t go as planned.

    Thank you Olivia for being real about your daily interactions with Kalvin, we can all relate.