May 13, 2016

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Her Velvet Vase blazer & pants | Valentino bag | Bruno Premi shoes

Hi loves! On the third day in Japan we planned to go to Shinjuku Gyoen to see the Sakura trees. Since none of us ever seen Sakura flowers before, it was going to be the first time for Kalvin, Ci Mimi and I!

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Shinjuku Gyoen is one of the Tokyo largest and popular parks and located just a few steps from Shinjuku station. Famous for its cherry blossom Sakura, this place is always filled with both locals and tourists.

As it was raining heavily the days before, a lot of people said that the Sakura are gone. So we were kind of desperate, but we decided to stick to the first plan and went for it. We were so lucky that we arrived at Shinjuku Gyoen by 2 PM, because apparently the park was closing at 4pm!!

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Before entering the park we need to purchased tickets at the counter, it costs around 200 yen for adult. It’s reasonably cheap and who doesn’t want to see Sakura on their trip to Japan? I mean it’s really really beautiful!

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Long story short, we walked around and 70% of the trees were all green. Buuutt, once we walked to the other sides, we found several Ume trees and smiled to each other. At first, we thought it was Sakura trees but later we discovered that what we saw isn’t Sakura, but Ume (Plum Blossoms). Ume looks really similar to Sakura and both are beautiful.

Plum Blossoms is fuller and rounder compared to Cherry Blossoms that is usually smaller in shape, this is the only difference that I could tell after looking it closely.

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As I mention earlier, the park is so packed with a lot of people, the locals really enjoy spending time at the park. They spend time together with their loved ones, brought some meal, and have a little picnic. I can’t imagine if Jakarta has a place like this, I think it will be full people selling stuffs, full of rubbish and very unmaintained.

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The weather was still a bit cold so I decided to wear an outer and pants to keep me warm. Pink is not my usual color because I think it is very Barbie-ish and girly. But here are some tips on how to wear pink but still look chic. Pair it up with a lot of gold accessories because it can accentuate the pastel colors. Also, add a turtleneck details to make it look less girly and cute. I love to add a bit of edge to my overall Pink outfit, so instead of wearing stilettos, ankle boots can balance the overall look. Tadaaaa! You will still look edgy and classy in Pink!


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  2. keep going mbak! I love your style, your passion, your ig’s feeds, your blogs and YOU, definitely YOU. semangatt mbak