August 25, 2016

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Bottega Veneta sunglasses from Optik Seis | Pomelo hat, top & pants | Valentino bag | Stradivarius shoes

It was a fine Friday evening when someone asked me, “How can you finally find your personal style?” That was not the first time someone came to me with that kind of question. To put us on the same page, personal style is our identity in fashion. Are you bold? Are you quirky? Are you boyish? There is no right or wrong answer. Instead, it is how you fully express yourself in terms of fashion.

After all, finding my personal style has been enlivening my fashion approach. Some people might say that defining my personal style limits my choice, but I’d rather say that it actually broadens my options. In my case, I’d like to define my personal style as feminine and elegant.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that I have to wear skirts all the time – neither does it mean that I have to act girly all the time. It simply means that whatever fashion styles there are right now, I can make a little tweak and make it more ‘Olivia’; like adding gold bangles and chokers, or wearing checkered outfit but with an off-shoulder tweak.

So back to the question: how can I finally find my personal style? I have to say that up until today, it is still an ongoing process. Just like exploring our own identity, passion, and character, your personal style needs time – and what’s just as important as time is: honesty. Ask yourself if you like the way you look in the mirror with certain styles; if you are comfortable with what you are wearing right now; or if the outfit you are wearing is boosting your confident (or pulling it down). These simple questions can help you find your personal style. My last advice is to actually enjoy the process until you are comfortable and confident in your own skin.

Good luck and have fun exploring yourself!

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  1. Hello,
    i am in love with your outfit so beautiful and simple. I would like to know the brand of your accessorise espeacially your wristband.