January 4, 2016

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Auria Top & Pants | Balenciaga Bracelet | Valentino Shoes | Chanel Bag

The 90’s greatest fashion trend is one of my favourite. Baggy Jeans, High Waist Bottoms, Crop tops, and Turtle Necks are the things that comes back alive in the 20s. I am in love with turtle neck since I started to know about fashion. But the problem is, most turtle neck is sweater clothing. It is obviously so humid  here in Indonesia to wear that kind of clothes. But nowadays, I find a lot of turtle necks that are suitable for humid weather. The one that I’m wearing here is my favourite. Even though it covers up my neck, it doesn’t feel uncomfortable or hot. The side details are the bomb. I can show my high waist pants on the side. It is so chic! What do you think about this look? 🙂

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