March 8, 2016

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Posh The Label Top & Pants | Valentino Shoes | Fendi Bag

While I was browsing through my Instagram few days ago, I found a very interesting post about Girls Supporting Girls. Girls are so quick to judge and shame each other, especially in today’s society. I realised we always think that we are better than other people. This makes us easy to hate, talk on each other’s back, envious, and prideful. Why don’t we look at other girls as sisters instead of competitors? There’s no point on hating each other. Women need to unite. I’m obsessed with seeing women encourage, support, and empower other women, we need more of it. Shout out to girls who smile at and compliment other girls. I think it is a really good reminder for me to spread love to all people. Yes, ALL. not just some girls that I like. I realised people nowadays like to choose on which group that they like, and which one’s not. To be honest, it is so easy to follow that kind of lifestyle without actually realising it. So let’s be careful, loves. Happy International Women’s Day <3

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