October 24, 2014

floral dress floral dress

Ted Baker Dress | Valentino Shoes | BYO Bag | Pitolila Bracelets | Clarissa Kwok Rings

I had a really rough morning today, woke up at 5 am in the morning and had to cancel some schedules just because I’m not feeling well. The worst thing is I can’t sleep at all. I will be going to Singapore next Wednesday for Digital Fashion Week and straight to Bangkok afterwards (you can watch the teaser here). So I hope my body will be cooperative enough to deal with my schedules. I am looking forward to meet my Singaporean readers & followers. As I will be there during halloween, I am wondering how do you guys usually spent halloween night? Is there going to be a costume party at One Altitude? I am planning to spent the night there on 31st! Please let me know if you guys have any info.

byo clutch floral dress floral dress floral dress floral dress pitolila floral dress clarissa kwok rings byo clutch floral dress


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