October 9, 2016

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I have been in social media for quite sometime. Social media has such a power, that: The unheard voices can be heard. The unseen pictures can be seen. And the unknown stories can be known.

So many issues were brought through Facebook; stories of injustice, struggles, corruption, and survival become well spread. It has helped many with unimaginable support from the society. It is very heartwarming for us to see how nowadays, everything can be shared easily through social media. With just a simple ‘click’, we can share everything for others to see.

Nowadays, things are rather different than the past.

We are in the era where ‘friends’ and Instagram ‘followers’ seem to have almost similar meanings. Numbers seem more important than the time we would spend with our friends. Those numbers of followers seem to sound like your power, just like the amount of ‘CP’ in your Pokemon (Yes, I play Pokemon, haha). The social media allows us to measure our value through our shares, mentions, and likes. We forgot to count our real friends because we were too focused on those numbers.


We are living as a generation that constantly updated to the world. We have everything we need to know within our phone as long as we are connected to the internet. It’s very easy for us to be distracted with what’s in front of us— we forgot with what is most important.

We forgot about the people within our surroundings; we are too busy playing with our phone (yes, I did too! Guilty as charged.) And we forgot to communicate with our friend. We forgot about the real person in front of them. Instead of worrying about that, we should be concerned about the person we are spending our time with.


I remember few years ago when I was still a high school student, how I would hang out with my friends in the school canteen and we would take pictures to be printed. I remember how I would print those pictures to be kept in my diaries, for myself. I remember how I would go with my girlfriends to the photo booth and make sure we have enough pictures printed so that each of us can keep the picture.

We were so busy making memories.

Nowadays, we take pictures with our phone and upload it on social media. We don’t really do the things we used to back in those days. I know, this kind of things happen because the world keeps in changing and innovating new things. However, there are some things that change other than that— somehow, the amount of followers becomes a measurement of how powerful you are. But, that’s not true. Nothing external, not even likes and followers, should represent your self-esteem.


It’s easy to scroll down our social media feed and we see the pictures that others uploading. While we are having a bad day, it is so easy to feel a little bit of ‘I wish’ as we scroll down our feed. We have to remember that people upload pictures to show what they want to show— but don’t forget, we also have the power to feel what we want to feel. Do not to compare our behind-the-scenes with other’s highlights.

Remind ourselves that our lives are measured not by the number of our social media followers and the number of likes on our pictures, but by beautiful, fleeting moments with our loved ones.

Photo by Fen from Axioo

Dress by Hian Tjen

Make up by Mimi Kwok

Hair by Jeffry Welly

Hair accessories by Rinaldy A. Yunardi

Styled by Meli & Jane

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