Electric Blue by Heatwave

July 8, 2014

Cloth Inc Jumpsuit | Suite Blanco Vest | Sara Designs Watch | Heatwave Shoes | Piera by Myra Necklace

Blue shoes can be a very tricky color in your closet. It is definitely not a basic color for shoes. You have to be extra careful because it’s not as easy as wearing red shoes. If you want to go bold on your shoes, minimize your outfit and keep away from a lot of details. Blue shoes can be worn with basic colors such as nude/beige, soft brown, white, grey, and black. Blue color will look good in brown/neutral hues, it could be playsuit or matching top & skirt, don’t be afraid to go nude while your shoes will give an extra pop to your whole outfit. A little bit of gold accessories will accentuate the look too. If you want it to be more casual, pair it with your favorite white top and skinny jeans. It’s very simple but eye-catching at the same time. If you want to go bold and colorful, you might want to use the complementary color of blue, which is orange. Take out your mini flare dress, you can still wear it with the nearest color which is red & yellow. These colorful look will look best during summer. Lastly, black goes with any color. You can wear little black dress to create more romantic and elegant look. I’m being a bit playful today, so I choose to pair it with my black jumpsuit and textured vest. So I hope you guys enjoy this look and get inspired! 🙂
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