August 2, 2016

When I was in Japan, I stayed at Club Med Hokkaido. Club Med Hokkaido is better known as a ski resort because they only opened during winter on the previous years. However, this year must be special because they decided to open the resort during summer as well. And I’ve got to tell you, it’s amazing.

Club Med Hokkaido is the type of resort that resembles cruises. There are many live shows, games, and events in the evening. Also, they have certain period for luncheon and dinner.

The staffs (who are called GOs – Gentle Organizers) are incredibly friendly. They happen to become multiple roles according to our needs: like sport instructors, performers, game hosts, and other interactive activities with the guests. The best part is: they became our friends and could sit at the same table with us during mealtime.

Aside from that, there are five more reasons why you should put Club Med Hokkaido in your Japan travel list. Read along to find out more.

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