September 18, 2016


I looked at my watch. It was 8 AM.

It was the third day since the last time I spoke to Mr. K. I constantly pressed on the home button on my phone. Still nothing.

Three days before, I had a huge fight with Mr. K. My mind went back and forth to that day, trying to justify my reasons to get mad and being stubborn – and it only made things worse. So I decided to take a deep breath, and got ready for work.

After some time, I made up my mind. I thought I should let him go. Some people are not meant to be together, and if this was the case, I better let him go sooner than later. There ought to be a good reason why God brought us here – or so I thought.

The moment I got home from work, I found a package addressed from me. Apparently it was a dress from Mr. K. That was one dress that I saw (and liked) when Mr. K and I were on our date. Honestly, I wasn’t quite sure how to feel. It was always nice to know that someone actually remembered the small things you mentioned the other day. But anyway with Mr K – we hadn’t been talking in three days.

Later on, I wasn’t sure what to do. Now what? Should I text him? Or should I wait for him to text me? Or should I just ignore him?

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  1. Hi there, I just started reading your blog (111LoveStory) and have to tell you that I really enjoy reading them. Can’t wait for Chapter 10 to come out 🙂 and of course, congratulations to you and Kalvin on your wedding! You look gorgeous as always!

  2. Hi! I just finished reading chapter 9 and I really hope chapter 10 would be up soon I really like your love story

  3. Hi Olivia, I’ve been a fan for quite some time now. I forgot how it started but I’ve been enjoying your instagram posts a lot! Tonight I came across your blog and discovered the 111lovestory chapters. I read chapter 1 with no expectation at all but your story was very interesting that I spent more time than I planned reading the rest of the chapters. I know it’s been quite a while now and you’re married already, but I think it would be nice if you could bear some time and continue writing the following chapter(s). I’m curious about the dress and how the two of you make up after the big fight. Thank you for sharing your stories!