Chapter 7 – First Time is NOT a Charm #111LoveStory

November 24, 2015

#111LoveStory – Side Note

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Proposal Organizer: Wink A Ring

Photos by: Morden & Co, MillyQ, DFW Photographer

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Sorry for the very very slow update on Chapter 7. We are trying to make a weekly post on the #111LoveStory, hopefully we can start doing that by end of year.

Also, I’m writing today to break some news to all of you! I posted about it several weeks ago, and had just gotten around to share it! I am glad to annouce that I am now ENGAGED! I am so estatic! Kalvin gave me the biggest surprise of my life. Seriously. I would have never thought he would pull something like that. (you can watch the uncut video here – minute 59:00) I will also be posting the full video on YouTube soon!

A lot of you have been asking if the date of my engagement has got to do with the #111LoveStory.  Well the answer is YES and NO. I haven’t gotten around in telling you what the numbers meant, and I don’t want to spoil the story now! All I can say is that  Kalvin chose to propose to me on that date (1st Nov) because it has a special meaning and connection with the #111LoveStory. Keep dropping by for the full story!

Now without further ado, here is Chapter 7. Drop a comment on your thoughts! XOXO.

Chapter 7 – First Time is NOT a Charm.

Previously on Chapter 6, I remembered the warnings my friend told me about Mr. K. Now I am stuck with a very difficult choice, Mr. K the interesting ‘douchebag’ or Mr. B the caring guy?

They both have their positives and negatives. It is such a hard decision that I may have to do a S.W.O.T analysis. Mr. B is a very good listener. I know because the present that he gave was something I complained about a long time ago. It’s a book that I wanted to read but was sold out everywhere. He remembered even though I only complained about it once. Also, he is a chef. Occasionally, he would cook and deliver delicious food to my house for no particular reason. A good listener and a sweetie.

On the other hand, Mr. K is more of a typical guy character who is laidback and easy-going. Well to be blunt, he can be described closer to being negligent and ignorant. Probably best described in Bahasa as ‘cuek’.  Let me indulge you with an example. During conversations that doesn’t interest him, he would just grunt an answer or use an automated response like: ‘oh really?’ or ‘cool.’, and the such.  I know he doesn’t really listen to what I say, but just answering to make it seems like he is listening. On top of that, we have a lot of miscommunication because his Bahasa wasn’t that great. He doesn’t even get my Indonesian slangs and jokes. But if I could say some positives of Mr. K is that he is smart, knowledgeable and hardworking.

I’m in a deep dilemma. Should I choose the ‘douchebag’ or the caring guy? From the descriptions, it should have been a no-brainer that Mr. B won by miles. But love works in mysterious ways.

At that moment, my phone rang. It is a message from Mr. B asking me out on a date on the weekend. I stared at the message for several minutes but I do not know what to answer. For some reason, I don’t feel the excitement to go on a date with him. What is happening to me?  Usually during this ‘chasing’ period is where the butterfly-in-your-tummy feeling happens. That’s the fun in being single. The thrill of meeting unsuspecting love partner, who may or may not be ‘the one’. So I decided to ignore the message for now and have a good think before giving my answer.

Not long after, Mr. K asked me out. Not for the weekend, but for dinner that night. This guy moves swiftly. For some odd reason, I am much more excited to meet this guy. The douchebag. Oh no! Before I knew it, I am all dressed up prepared for dinner with Mr. K. I don’t remember where we went for dinner but I do remember what happened during that time.

In the middle of our rather enjoyable dinner, he suddenly asked ‘Would you be my girl?’

Well, that came out of nowhere. A thousand answers and scenario floods my brain, like an avalanches engulfing a mountain. Do I really want him to be my boyfriend? I do enjoy his company, but there are still many things I am still uncertain.

After what seems like a long time, I answered, ‘No.’


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  1. Hi Olivia..
    I always adore your article especially this #111LoveStory, I always can’t wait for the next chapter. I love how you express your feelings n thoughts. Everytime I read, it gave me a goosebumps. I over enjoyed your articles. Thanks for sharing. Wish you the very best with your sweetheart.
    Note: you look so great together! Can’t wait for the good news ahead of you two.

  2. I am so thrilling and excited to hear the story. You put it in a nice way and really waiting for the next chapter!

    Anyway, happily ever after with Mr.K! Hope to find my other one soon enough too!

  3. I thought you’re going to tell us about what’s the meaning of the triple 1 lol.. Getting more and more curious, gosh! And by the way, your proposal video is just so touching :’) And one more thing, i hope your love life will always be blessed by God and you’ll live happily! 🙂