July 7, 2016


Most of you must have known that I will be launching my own brand very soon. I still remember the first time I told Kalvin that one of my dream is to have my own clothing line. Years later, it is finally going to come true. It has not been an easy journey to build CÄLLA. I’ve been preparing it for more than a year. I’ve been learning through so many trials and errors. That what makes me more excited for the launch. From the business planning, branding, marketing plan, quality control, you name it. That makes me realised on how  hard people build their brands and manage to stand until now. All of them are amazing and such an inspiration.

 CALLA 16-2CALLA 3-2 CALLA 10-2CALLA 17-2CALLA 5-2 CALLA 6-2

The name CÄLLA (pronounced ‘kah-la’) is inspired from the flower Zantedeschia Aethiopica, or more commonly known as ‘Calla Lily’. The simplicity and elegance of the flower is the main source of inspiration. It is my desire to replicate its essences through the design and style. Simplicity which embodies elegance is our definition of a strong and feminine woman. I myself really love flower as it represents a strong and feminine woman.


I partner up with my dear friend, Krishandi Hartanto. He graduated from one of the biggest fashion powerhouse in Europe, Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan, Italy. His talent, creativity and meticulous attention to details accredited him the top student award upon graduation. He was featured in September 2012 issue of Vogue Italia and since then he created several of his own brands and designs.

We both wanted to make sure we produce a quality clothing for #CallaLady. Stay tune for the official launch of CÄLLA Atelier!

    CALLA 12 CALLA 15-2CALLA 13


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