January 13, 2015


Stylestalker Dress from FOMBS | Charlotte Olympia Heels

This may come as a surprise, but several of my favourite daily clothing brands are from Australian designers! Those stylist from Down Under sure have good tastes! Brands such as Cameo, Finders Keepers, Stylestalker, Keepsake, and many more are definitely my top choices. I was so excited when I found that they are available here at FOMBS, a stockist for Australian Label in Indonesia! Words cannot describe how amazing this is! For years, I’ve been waiting for these brands to hit Indonesia. They also stock various sizes, from XS through to L. Finally. I can find the perfect size that fits. As you may know, XS is very hard to come by here.

Anyway if you’re thinking of grabbing one yourself, don’t forget to use the Discount Code: olivia20, to get 20% OFF on all orders! This code is only available for you devoted readers!
Don’t miss out, it is only valid until next month! Happy Shopping!! xoxox

Photos by Danny AW

stylestalker stylestalker stylestalker stylestalkerstylestalker  stylestalker stylestalker 
stylestalkerstylestalker stylestalker
stylestalker stylestalker stylestalker stylestalker  stylestalker 


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