November 4, 2018

Last month was my birthday month. Like all birthdays are supposed to be, it makes me look back and plan forward. And yet I realized that as years go by, I start to prioritize several aspects in life – and one of those aspects is happiness. To celebrate with you, I am thinking to share my step guide to having a happier year (or life) in general.

1. Drink less coffee and more tea. This is a personal preference, but tea makes me calmer while coffee makes me excited.

2. Wear comfy shoes. I know that sometimes us girls want to look pretty, but looking good without feeling comfortable does not make sense – because obviously, feeling blisters on your feet never looks good on your face.

3. Sleep well. Exercise. Eat healthily. This one is pretty tough to do consistently, especially due to my professional schedule. But I have to say that my best days were the ones when I felt super energized because I got enough sleep, exercise, and healthy food.

4. Cut toxic people off your life. Remember, you are entitled to do so.

5. Let yourself not to care. You don’t have to care about every negative comment on your social media. You don’t have to care about people’s opinion.

6. Let yourself to have a bad day once in a while. Expecting your days to be happy and bright all the time is a formula for emotional disaster. You are allowed to be sad, cranky, and mad. Just remember to move forward.

7. When in doubt, take a shower.

8. Treat yourself a nice something – whether it’s a dinner, a dessert, or a fashion item you’ve been wanting to get.

9. Save more money than you spend.

10. Take less cash (you’ll thank me for this).

11. Drink more, more, and more water.

12.  It’s okay to stay at home on Saturday night to binge-watch Netflix by yourself.

13.  …Or possibly with someone you love, and then cuddle.

14. When you feel unaccomplished, try to solve one small problem. Pay one bill. Send one email. One small thing at a time and you’ll keep going.

15. You don’t have to justify anything to anyone.

16. You can respect someone but disagree with them.

17. You can disagree with someone but respect them.

18. Keep a journal – whether in writing or in pictures. You’ll be glad you have them recorded.

19. You don’t have to post everything online. Trust me.

20. Don’t delete all the pictures that you don’t think you look good. Those pictures are the ones with the best memories.

21. Read more.

22. Always have a red lipstick with you everywhere you go.

23. It’s okay to dance like a dork. Who cares.

24. Tell the people you love how you feel about them.

25. Laugh at yourself. It will help you through tough times.


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