January 13, 2019

It is not in my nature to go the extra miles for other people. Sometimes I considered myself selfish. I love things that bring me comfort. I love when people give me presents. I’m happy when people sent me encouraging texts. I’m encouraged when people serve me. But sometimes I don’t like doing things out of my comfort zone for other people. Yes, I give my time to teach people about the bible, I open up my house to my friends, I feed them food whenever they want, I love giving gifts to people too. But I want to do more than that.

It is actually in my nature to not put other people first. This year, I want to go the extra mile. Caring for my best friends is easy. It is harder to care for the ones that you are not super close yet. I do believe being selfless need a lot of practice. If you give time, energy, money, effort or things to other people without expecting something in return, that’s selfless. Selflessness is an essential key to marriage, friendships, and relationships. It is also a primary key to happiness and fulfillment. But unfortunately, often overlooked.

The first step is to perform a random act of kindness. It could be as simple as sending food to Kalvin’s grandma, texting a friend who needs encouragement or giving your time to listen to your mom. All of us can offer a different type of help for other people, whether through our words, actions, or smiles. We need to think about how other people feel. This is not something that I would usually do, because I am very self-centered. I often feel too tired to think about other people. I’d instead choose not to let myself sink into other people’s life.

Have you ever done things because you want people to recognize? You do those things because you want something in return? Sometimes you think “what can I benefit from doing this?” Whether its recognition, praise, gifts, etc. I don’t want all that. I want to be more genuine with myself and other people. I want to spread a positive impact on someone’s life. I want to practice to have a sincere heart.

The truth is, after doing a kind deed for someone on a consistent basis, it will start to become second nature. And I would love to have that. I want to embrace the joy of giving without any expectation. I want to put happiness in other people’s life, whether it’s big or small.


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