BATIK, Traditional Fabric of Indonesia

June 13, 2015

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Ananya Batik Dress | Valentino Bag & Shoes | Miu Miu Sunnies

I don’t usually wear prints for daily use but owning several pieces of Batik is a required investment if you are living in Indonesia. I think it is a great idea to start loving our heritage. Batik pattern was made from different regions throughout Indonesia which consist of various cultures and traditions. So each pattern has its own characteristics. I find a lot of the older generations are willing to wear Batik for work on Friday & Wedding events. Nowadays batik is a lot more fashionable. We as the younger generation have to maintain our culture and heritage. They are definitely wearable for hang out as well. We just need to be able to select the right materials and style based on the occasions. This piece has to be my favorite batik outfit ever.

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  1. Came upon your blog by chance and have followed it for a while.
    Love how unique your style and your personality is! Not everyone can pull that off but you did so with so much charisma 🙂