November 12, 2017

I was raised in a normal, happy family.

It was not exactly ‘happy’ as in the infomercials or Hollywood movies – and yet overall, I had a happy childhood. I was well raised, well loved, and well fed (true story).

But I have to say that I wasn’t exactly the little girl who would tell everything and pour my heart out to my parents – especially to my Dad. Even though right now he is very funny and friendly, but it wasn’t always the case. As a typical Chinese Indonesian parents, my Dad was the assertive type. To the little Olivia, he was stiff. Intimidating. Scary – so I have to say that even talking to him seemed like a terrifying idea.

To be honest, I don’t have much memory of him when I was a kid. He worked hard for our family – so it was very understandable that he couldn’t be around as much as he’d like.

But I have one memory of him that I am very fond of. I was a little girl when a cockroach crawled on my hand (yes, even until today, I hate cockroaches) – so I cried and screamed like crazy until my Dad picked me up so the cockroach crawled on his body into his pants and finally out through his leg.

You see, my Dad isn’t the most romantic guy on the planet – but his love is visible and true. We don’t see it through flowers but we see it through the food on our table. We don’t hear it through “I love you” but we hear it through “Have you had your lunch yet?” His love is not loud and grand. His love is soft and calming.

I don’t know about other Dads, but my Dad is my hero and my first love – and it will never ever change. I can be who I am right now because of him.

To all Dads out there, thank you for your constant effort and unstoppable love. To my Dad, I love you – and I will forever be your princess.

Photo by Sharon Angelia

Makeup by Little Leeyah

Styled by Rhea Revren

Wardrobe by Céline



  1. Olivia, I can truly relate with you! Growing up in Chinese family, I had difficult time bonding with my dad and mom. Now that I am older, I feel that gap is less and I can finally share deeper subjects or just chat anytime with them.

    I agree with you, our dad is our first man in our lives and that makes them special superhero. Thank you for this post.