February 19, 2017

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In these past few months, I have been going back and forth to Bangkok, Thailand, for more times than I could count.

This beautiful city is just like a reserved lady. Take time to explore and you will fall in love with it. Apart from beautiful beaches and temples, there are a lot of local places that are worth to visit and food that is worth trying. So today, I am sharing my top to-do list in Bangkok, Thailand – for all the first timers there.


Bangkok has an exciting nightlife. The blend between thick cultures and modern life makes everything seems to be very exotic; especially the night markets.

Night markets in Bangkok are unique – and every one of them has its own charm. Some night markets sell antiques. Some night markets sell fashion items. But all night markets have one thing in common: they are very affordable. If you were like me who really enjoy shopping, you will definitely love these places. Besides, here are the places that you can absorb local life. For reference of night markets to go in Bangkok, you can visit it right here.


Thai food is one of my favorite cuisines. It’s rich in textures, combining sweet, sour, hot and salty flavors. It is impossible to go to Bangkok and missed out on so many delicious dishes the city offers. Forget green salad and keeping your diet for a while, and enjoy indulging your taste buds. Remember to try the food in small portions. For reference of local Thai food, you can visit it right here.


Local food is one thing; street food is a different thing. While strolling down the city, you can always grab some street food to go. Street food is a reflection of local life; so make sure you try different ones to reveal clearer idea about this city and the people in it. Before you decide to jump for fine dinings, make sure you try these affordable and insanely delicious foods. One advice, though: remember that Mondays are street cleaning days in Bangkok so many street food cart vendors take the day off. So if you want to enjoy strolling around street food, don’t count on Mondays. For reference of Bangkok Street Food, you can it visit right here.


I know this is totally out of the box, but at least once in a lifetime, you should try watching muay thai fight live. It is the national sport in Thailand, and a very popular one around the world as well, but watching it live gives you a totally different experience. You might or might nor enjoy it, and yet I’d say why not. For reference to watch muay thai fight live, you can visit it right here.



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