April 9, 2017

Lack of Color hat | Gucci sunglasses by Optik Seis | Massicot earrings | Megagamie top & skirt | InStyle+ outerwear | Fendi bag | Adidas shoes

I always believe in the power of tiny things called accessories. They are the little details that can change the whole look. Different colors, types, materials, and themes can actually make a huge difference.

I personally have tons of accessories in my closet (and when I say ‘tons’, it goes by literal meaning). I am always on the hunt for cute items on the verge of trending. But I have got some people asking me that if I have to bring only a handful of accessories to travel, which ones will them be? So today, from classic stones to modern cut, I am going to apologize in advance for the number of accessories you are about to buy – but if you are about to take over the fashion world with these, I’d say sorry-not-sorry.


Earrings are, interestingly, classy and modern at the same time. From time to time, dangling earrings make their ways into the fashion world effortlessly – and even in 2017, they are the must-haves. You can pair it with literally anything, in any occasion from formal, semi-formal, and casual.


A pair of sunglasses is also included into my must-haves must-brings item list. Pointy sunnies will flatter every type of face whether yours is round, oval, square, or heart-shaped. The new cat eye sunglasses come with skeleton frames and mirrored lenses so you can always try different styles.


Watches are oh-so-classy and sleek. Whenever I feel super lazy, I’ll put on my lazy outfit like slip-on dresses or t-shirt with shorts, pair it up with a good watch – and I feel ready to go. Personally, I love slim and thin watches. It can give you an instant sleek look so I think the next best investment is a watch.


I’m always down for classic bags, but the secret is to find the right embellishments. You can always replace the strap and pair it with your classics, play around with the colors and types of embellishments to make different twist.


I cannot live with gold hand jewelry. It might be super thin and small like fashion rings or bold and loud like bangles, but you can never go wrong with gold hand jewelry. They work like magic – and even if you are wearing the same gold hand jewelry over and over again, it will never look boring.



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