May 4, 2015

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Miroir Store Shirt, Skirt, and Outer | Charlotte Olympia Shoes | Chloe Bag

Finally, it’s time for another #OliviasTips article!
Today’s topic will be ‘What to wear in a corporate world’ aka. a fashionably professional work attire.
Going to the office day in and day out, 5-6 times a week, can be a strain to one’s wardrobe, and one’s outfit can turn very boring with similar looks everyday. You’ll need outfits that are appropriate. Not too sexy, but definitely should not be boring either. I like to throw in different kind of outer layers. It makes the whole look instantly different. If you are sick with your formal blazer, find something asymmetrical. Like the one that I’m wearing in this look. It is lightweight and comfortable, very practical to wear for work. If you are feeling too hot, you can just take it off and show another awesome look on the inside. Plain shirt is always cool, but what about turtle neck white shirt? Another option to look fashionable at the office! Your colleague in the next cubicle will be stunned with your good looks. Pair them with your favorite pencil skirt to wrap up the professional look. Make sure to choose the comfortable shoes (less than 5cm heels will work for the office!). Remember looking good is one thing, but working smart is definitely a must! Happy Mondays xoxo

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