December 22, 2016

Pomelo top & pants | Céline bag | Gucci shoes

Printed pants are tricky. They are only versatile if you know how to pair it right. It can be casual and formal according to which top you pair them with. With the right pair of printed pants, you can always upgrade your look. I guess it is safe to say that everyone needs a good pair of printed pants ready in their wardrobes.

For my outfit of the day, I paired my printed pants with half off-shoulder shirt. The ‘shirt’ part made the whole look more formal, while the ‘off-shoulder’ part gave a touch of edge. Since it’s still in the season of choker, I took out my favourite choker string necklace just because it felt like perfect (and it actually did). To keep it casual, I chose to finish my look with slippers from Gucci.



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