Tulle Skirt

November 3, 2014

tulle skirt tulle skirt

The Little Things She Needs Flats | Trixie Vintage Skirt | Furla Bag

Hi guys, greetings from Singapore. It was a super packed and busy day in Digital Fashion Week but I am having so much fun! Today is my 4th day and leaving to Bangkok tomorrow.  Apart from the formal outfit I wear during fashion week, there’s these days where I just want to be comfortable and casual for the whole day. So I picked some free days to wear flats and rest my feet. It feels so good to walk in flat shoes, especially after the fashion months which required me to spent so many hours in high heels. I am super picky when it comes to shoes. My favourite flats shoes are Michael Kors Fulton and Tory Burch classic, however, I still wear other smaller shoes brands that’s comfortable. This is my newest pick from The Little Things She Needs. There are two things that I love about it; it is pointy and it has a strap which make my feet look slightly longer. I have to say that not all flat shoes are comfortable, so it is better if you try it yourself in the store.

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