The Backless X

August 21, 2014


Suite Blanco Romper | Ellysage Cardigan | Bubble Talk Bracelet | Zara Shoes

Sorry to make you guys wait for more than a week to my outfit blog post. I was busy with some small stuffs for my new site but I feel relieve to launched it yesterday. Furthermore, I am preparing something for next month, which also took most of my time for the preparation! I am heading somewhere for a big event. Can any of you guess where am I going in September? 🙂 Anyway, I really love how these two textured outfit compliments each other! This romper is such a beautiful piece by it’s own, but I thought some of you might not be comfortable with backless piece, so I am giving you an idea on how to wear it with an outer.

Finally, my new site is having two slots for advertisement (you can scroll down the page to see the space). If you are interested, drop an email that’s available on the contact page. Cheers!

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