February 23, 2017

All hail the turtleneck as my all-time favorite fashion item. This is one of the must-haves for fashion lovers for its versatility. I have seen so many figures played around with turtlenecks all year-round – from street style scenes to the red carpet.

The thing about turtleneck is that they serve as an amazing transition piece for all kinds of weather. Even though here in Indonesia we only have two seasons, but every time I go overseas, I always believe that turtleneck is still the best go-to item – whether in the form of a sweater or under-piece. You can pair it with skirts and outerwear like blazers or bomber jacket; else, layer it with slip-on dresses. On top of it, it is very affordable. My turtleneck can be as low as $20 and it can go with any fashion items for any occasion. So below is how I style turtleneck in 10 different ways.




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