May 23, 2017

Lack of Color hat | Gucci sunglasses by Optik Seis | Nobody Denim outerwear | The Ripping Chief jeans | Balenciaga bag | Gucci shoes

Traveling to me is the perfect opportunity to try the new styles I don’t get the chance to wear in my own country (mainly due to the weather). Experimenting new styles in the new cities reboot my overall fashion style. It inspires me to combine the styles differently – and comfortably. Some of my favorite pieces to bring while traveling is denim: both jeans and outerwear. They are so versatile, you can basically experiment and discover new styles every time you wear them.

So for my outfit of the day, I decided to take denim to another level of styling. I wanted to feel comfortable to walk around all day while keeping my fashion game strong. So instead of normal denim jeans, I pulled out this frayed hem, cropped flared jeans. I have seen a lot of stylish celebs including Alexa Chung and Emma Roberts fully embraced their street style with this denim trend. It has the perfect length, which is right above the ankle – and the frayed hem adds a statement. I paired it up with the classic white shirt and denim outerwear, added some colors with Gucci slippers.


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  1. Denim is a style that I love, and I like to make it classic and chic. However I struggle to find the right fit, cut and color at times. This reminds me of your YT video on how you style denim – 1 jean 3 looks , as well as the denim looks you feature in some of your other videos.
    Weather plays a big factor to clothing, so I am glad you get to experience the different looks when you are traveling. It’s great to see your ideas on styling.