November 14, 2017

Love Bonito top | Zara shorts

I had a short tropical getaway for a friend’s wedding. After flying through different countries, it felt so amazing to finally get the sun on my skin again. For someone who couldn’t stand cold weather (like, at all), stepping back to Bali felt comfortable and familiar.

So Kalvin and I decided to take this chance unwinding and enjoying the weekend together, away from our daily activities. When it came to enjoying Bali, surely there are many ways you can bask in the beauty of this tropical island. First, you might want to explore the city and appreciate the culture. Second, you might want to luxuriate in the lavish side of the tropical holiday. Or third – and the one I chose for this short getaway – is to laze around at The Udaya resort and doing nothing but enjoying the view, the pool, and of course, good food.

What about you? What is your favorite way to enjoy Bali?



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