November 13, 2014

shop at velvet shop at velvet

Shop at Velvet Serpent Top | Vistoric Skirt | Charlotte Olympia Shoes | Coach Bag | Miu Miu Sunnies

Simply can’t get enough of Serpent signature top by Shop at Velvet. I have two different colours in my closet. I really think that this piece looks effortless and easy to match with any bottom. The street of New York is always a good background for any shoot, I wish I can live there forever! I’ve been back for about 3 days since the fashion week madness and now I am covered by busy schedules for upcoming projects. Feeling excited and exhausted as the same time, I need to keep absorbing positive energy to keep this going in the right way. A lot of you might think that Fashion Blogging is the easiest job to do, but trust me, it is not. You have to be multitalented in many different ways, from directing, branding, concept making, creative thinking, discipline, quality management and too many to mentioned.

shop at velvet shop at velvet shop at velvet shop at velvet shop at velvet shop at velvet shop at velvet shop at velvet shop at velvet


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