October 12, 2017

Oysho hat | Uniqlo turtleneck | Love Bonito top | Love Bonito pants | Balenciaga bag |  Miu Miu shoes

It’s no secret that Paris is a great place for women to show off their style – and that includes me. You see, in Jakarta, we have to think about the weather and for most of the time, the settings do not support too much layering. But here in Paris, the weather is just perfect. You can choose to layer or not to layer, to wear flowy dresses or coats.

So for my outfit of the day, I chose to layer this printed top & pants with long-sleeve turtleneck top. It was a nice weather to stroll around the city with the right layer just enough to keep me warm. To accentuate my style, I put on red beret and ballerina flat.


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