September 26, 2015


Prada Sunnies from Optik Seis | Stella Rissa Dress

We were on our way to Tabanan for Sweet Escape photoshoot with Dodo from Axioo and guess where we stumbled upon our way! Paddy field! Yes! You read it right. We’re so amused with many beautiful rice fields along the way to Tabanan and it’d be such a pity for us to waste the breathtaking view. I know we didn’t appreciate paddy hills that much but seriously, it’s as pretty as the tulips or lavender hills. Dodo suddenly mumbles to himself with a soft voice as he looked out to the car window, “Indonesia is beyond beautiful”, which made the rest of us burst out laughing. I think he was having a melodramatic moment with himself.

This lace dress from Stella Rissa really compliments the rice paddy landscape. It makes me feel like I’m the paddy goddess. LOL! Besides playing my role as a goddess, I never knew that it would be so hard walking on rice fields. I was wearing gladiator sandals as we didn’t have any preparation for the paddy shoot and I was the only one who walked to the middle while the others stayed on the edge. I panicked along the way as the paddy leaves poked my hands, feet & even stuck in my lace dress. I can feel the sharp leaves scratching my whole body, especially my feet. I was afraid of snakes or rats or whatsoever animal that lives in there while Dodo wanted me to do a walking pose. Uh all I can think was how hurtful these scars will be once I touch the water. However, Irene got scratched more than me all over her leg. It was such a struggle, but after seeing the result, it was all worth it. It felt so good to explore the nature and come out from my comfort zone.

Anyway, this was my first trip together with my team and I’m so grateful as they did great even under this striking sun! Irene stayed strong with a Go-Pro in her hand and Kalvin moved here and there with my mirrorless camera! He shouted several times to make sure I’m doing ok in the middle of that scary paddy.

In overall, big shout out to the greatest team during this photoshoot, even though it’s not an easy ride, everybody was having fun and none of them mumble or complain! Our two-hour trip felt like a glance as we laughed and joked the whole time, and Dodo has this character that turns the photoshoot ambience into a fun moment. Until next post!

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