November 30, 2016

Lack of Color hat | Just Raito sunglasses | H&M top & bomber jacket | Pomelo skirt | Quinn shoes

Bomber jacket, the one that used to be too boyish, now has officially become the winner of 2016. I still remember the days when bomber jacket was confined by military roots – but it is no longer the case. Bomber jacket now takes place as a true fashion essential in my wardrobe for all year round. It is about style as much as it is utility.

The thing about bomber jacket is that everything can look super cool when paired with one. Be it mini dresses, skirts or ripped jeans, bomber jacket shouts the cool factor. For the outfit of the day, I was kind of inspired by the 90’s. I paired bomber jacket with jeans mini skirt and halter neck top. To look more edgy, I took out my pom-pom flats along with tinted sunnies.























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