May 2, 2016

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Jimmy Choo Lorelai Shoes by Gee Luxury | Yefta Gunawan Dress | Fiance’s Blazer

This was my second day in Tokyo or the beginning of my pre-wedding photoshoot. One of the locations we went to that day was Omotesandō (表参道). After a long and tiring day, we had a chance for a well-deserved coffee break. And to be fair, the weather was not cooperative. The whole day was so gloomy and it was pouring cats and dogs by noon,  so we couldn’t get much done that day. I think we missed two looks, but despite the bad weather, we still had a lot of fun! I’m so impressed with the weather forecast in Japan. It is so accurate to the closest minute! So always remember to check the weather forecast before you leave the hotel.

For this look, I’m rockin’ my new favourite Jimmy Choo Lorelai that I grabbed from Gee Luxury. I fall in love with it since first time I saw it on Jimmy Choo‘s Instagram. So as the shopaholic that I am, I went looking for it around the malls in Jakarta. I was so devastated when I couldn’t find it everywhere! Luckily, I asked Gee Luxury and they found one for me in a blink of an eye. They saved me from killing more trees for the tissues and buckets of tears. I paired it with Yefta Gunawan‘s Embellished dress, creating a gold harmony. One of my favourite colour for party look. Oh, and I borrowed my fiancee’s coat because I was freezing, didn’t think it would’ve blend so well. I think I will keep them for now. xox.

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