January 5, 2017

Stradivarius turban | Bottega Veneta sunglasses by Optik Seis | Nikkie playsuit | Valentino clutch | Aldo shoes

Traveling is fun, but it is a different set of challenge if you want to travel while looking good and stylish. A lot of people assume that with long flight and relentless walk, looking good will be at the bottom of the list. Well today, I would like to share my top tips on how to keep your style while traveling – without bringing 12 different suitcases all for your clothes.


I would like to recommend you to bring a hat (because it’s cute), but a hat will take too much spaces. So I’m recommending a turban instead. A turban can really change a plain-jane outfit into something Instagram #OOTD worthy. On top of that, they keep you cool in warm and cold weather – and it comes in handy when you don’t have the time to wash your hair.


Planning your outfits is a must – so you don’t overpack. It is important to browse through the itinerary of what you’ll be doing and pack accordingly. On the other side, you can start planning to mix-and-match the outfit in different days. Typically, you can bring basic clothes and accessories, and then several edgy ones to then mix them up later on. It’s called efficient packing!


Shoes are probably the trickiest one. You have to choose the ones that are great for long periods of walking, but keep those workout trainers away. The safest option will be all white sneakers, and yet for me personally, I typically bring three types of shoes: sneakers, gladiator sandals and flats. If I have to eliminate them down to two, I’d choose: sneakers and flats.


For me personally, bold lipstick is life. It makes the whole outfit looks so much better and glamorous, even in your laziest days. So always bring bold lipstick with you when traveling.


Hiking backpacks are rarely sexy and pretty. I know how much we are tempted to bring all those things with us while walking around the new city, but the key is to learn how to travel light. I usually bring clutches and sling bag, because they are light, easy to pack, and easy to travel with. With my clutches, I bring only my phone, pocket camera, money, credit card, and lipstick.


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