November 13, 2015

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VONE jumpsuit | Ruya Jewelries | Valentino Shoes

This is one of the look that I wore during Bangkok International Fashion Week few days ago! It was a very tiring trip as I was away from home for 2 weeks. As some of you already know, I fell sick on the first night in Bangkok. I had a really bad diarrhoea until I decided to sleep in the toilet. I totally had no idea what’s wrong because I didn’t take any weird food. Also, I puked on my first night in Singapore. So  I think my body wasn’t in its best condition since the beginning of the trip. Thank God I have the greatest best friend and partner I could have ask for. Irene woke up from her sleep because she realised I’m not on the bed. She went out to look for a supermarket at 3am in the morning. And later that I know, one of the reason she cared so much about me was because of the proposal. She was basically an undercover spy for Kalvin and Wink a Ring (the proposal organiser). I will tell more about the proposal story next time 🙂

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