May 25, 2017

Louis Vuitton sunglasses | Pomelo jumpsuit | Zara top | Louis Vuitton bag | Christin Wu shoes

If you really look at it, off-shoulder trends are beginning to subside – but not to me. If you have been following my social media, you’d notice that off-shoulders are one of my all-time favorites. There is something about showing off a little skin in such a feminine way. So I haven’t stopped experimenting with this trend (and probably am not planning to stop). And, you cannot believe how versatile this trend is. It can be quirky, edgy, feminine, and today, I’d show you how to add the element of masculinity along.

So I paired this white oh-so-feminine off-shoulder top and paired it with striped overalls. Overalls are the best and the chicest way to make a statement. Even though it might seem masculine, I think overalls resemble a strong character – and the stripes make the whole look sophisticated. I finished it off with sling bag and heels.



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