October 28, 2014

elf cosmetics

 Elf Cosmetics Blush Palette, Studio Prism Eyeshadow Palette & Studio Baked Eyeshadow Palette

Good news  to all cosmetic lovers! Elf is finally available in Indonesia ( They are ready to hit your door in just clicks away! I am using these 3 amazing palettes to create the above  look. So today, I’m going to share my makeup routines with you. Warm neutral colour is my all time favourite for eyeshadow. Light, medium and dark brown are the most suitable colour for my skin. It enhance my eyes instantly with just a few applications. Every person have different preference, so you might want to try different colours to find the most suitable one. I’m using warm neutral colour for my everyday makeup, and it just won’t go wrong with anything that I wear. The first thing I do is applying the second colour from the right from the Studio Prism Palette (see picture below) to the front and middle eyelid. Fill the outer V of your eyelid with a darker colour so that it will create an illusion of wider eyes. In this look, I use the Right Bottom colour from the Studio Baked Palette (see picture below). You can use any dark colour for the outer V, at least 2-3 shades darker from the middle eyelid. Make sure the colour goes along with your centre eyelid colour, which will turn into a perfect gradation. I love to use the Elf contour brush to apply eyeshadow to my outer V area, the size and shape is just perfect. To hide my sleepy eyes early in the morning, I use white eyeshadow to highlight my tear duct area (see picture below). It will definitely create a fresher looking eyes. After you are done with all of these steps, apply your favourite mascara and eyeliner. Voila! The next thing that you want to do is apply some blush to your cheek, you can mix any colour you want from the palette. I love these 4 colours so I wear different colour everyday and they still goes along with my warm neutral eye makeup.  I hope all of these tips would be useful for you. Scroll down for more detailed pictures, these palettes have now become my everyday essentials that I can’t leave home without. Just for your info, these products are super affordable, you can check them out at

elf cosmetics
elf cosmeticself cosmetics
elf cosmetics
elf cosmetics elf cosmetics elf cosmetics 


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