March 2, 2017

Lack of Color hat | Curated First sunglasses | Uniqlo top | This is April shirt-dress | Stylenanda belt | Topshop shorts | Aldo shoes

Welcoming the warmer days, my choice of current favorites goes to shirt-dress. A shirt-dress is both edgy and easy to wear. It can be easily dressed up or down – and with the perfect amount of versatility, it can be paired with anything while looking very street-stylish.

For my outfit of the day, I chose this shirt-dress from This is April. I have to say that with this shirt-dress, it might be love at first sight. The color falls on the right shade of blue, making it seems like a denim so you can actually pair it up with anything, but it actually is not denim fabric. I paired it up with a simple white tank top and high-waist denim short, along with a belt.


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