Dorothy Perkins SS14 – The Camisole

May 12, 2014

Dorothy Perkins Daisy Camisole | Day & Night Skirt and Blazer | Dheyshu Shoes

A great wardrobe starts with perfect basics, which is why Dorothy Perkins launched a special SS14 Style Essential collection, suitable for day-to-night occasions. One of them is the camisole.
Camisoles are tricky items. Working them into your wardrobe can get confusing. Camisoles can be used as undergarments, layering pieces, or as fashion tops.
Many women wear a camisole on its own. These are great tops to be worn casually. Wear a camisole with something unexpected like skinny jeans or a statement skirt: feminine and masculine looks are always chic. You can also wear a camisole under a blazer to achieve feminine charm for an office look. Use camisoles to enhance your style. Get creative with color combinations and patterns.