May 1, 2015

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Red Valentino Dress | Valentino Bag | Charlotte Olympia Shoes

Winter is long gone and Spring is shining brightly upon us. To be fair, there are only two seasons in Indonesia: Rainy and Not-So-Rainy. But my favorite season has always been Spring. I’ve always imaged the hot sun melting away the snow, and the warm air slowly heating the cold winter breeze. The combination of cold and hot creates a comforting weather. Oh, how I wished they have the full four seasons here.. But that shouldn’t  stop us from dressing up with the season!

This Spring look is from Red Valentino‘s pre Spring/Summer 2015 Collection. Every colour has a different theme and concept. I love the playful pattern of this dress and the subtle colours. Of course, I have to pair this with my gorgeous black Valentino bag. Such a perfect combination, like peanut butter and jelly.

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