January 6, 2015


Auria Top & Skirt | Gioia Milano Coat | Charlotte Olympia Shoes

Some say there is no such a thing as love as first sight, I disagree. Once I saw this Fantastic Dolly Shoes, it was all over that instance. My first ever pair of blue coloured heels. And isn’t it a beauty? I paired them with this amazing Auria Iggy crop top, Naya Skirt and Gioia Milano Coat to give an elegant, yet edgy look. We all agree that coat is not suitable for Indonesia’s climate, but I can’t resist to wear a coat so bad! I blame those winter vacation posts on Instagram! I was captivated by the sleeves and pocket texture details. I will definitely bring them to my next winter getaway. Anyway, I would like to wish safe travels for those who are returning back home. Hope you girls enjoyed your holidays….

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