January 5, 2016

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Previously on Chapter 7, Mr. K asked me to be his girlfriend and I told him ‘No’.

Well to be frank, it wasn’t a ‘No-No’ if that made any sense at all. It was more towards ‘No, I needed more time.’ I had just gotten out of a bad relationship and I did not think I was ready to jump into one again. I wanted to be sure that I know this person, and I do not want to be rushing into it. Good things come to those who wait, right?

After my encounter with Mr. K, he made his intentions pretty clear that he wanted to be more than just friends. I’ve already suspected it all along, but he made it really clear now. Which is good I suppose. I hate it when they beat around the bush and doesn’t go straight to the point. I just can’t handle those kind of drama.

To take a positive from this experience, I noticed that Mr. K seems to be taking the rejection quite well. I was slightly frightened I may end up sitting with a sobbing guy over dinner. That would make a picture perfect awkward situation. It could be because of his over confident narcissistic personality, or maybe he had been rejected plenty before and is immune to it now. Whatever the reason is, I’m glad that we could still communicate like decent adults. So, I suppose this shouldn’t effect our current situation.

We went out for a few more dates after that day, and subconsciously I have been replying less to Mr. B. I may have started to feel more comfortable with Mr. K. Everything was well and good, and it seems like it was heading towards the right directions. Until on subsequent day, we had a pretty big fight. The biggest we had so far. It was probably about something stupid, but we were both pretty stubborn. I did not heard back from him for several days. And to be honest, I felt upset and disappointed.

By the third day, I decided to get over it. Plenty of fish in the sea, right? Or fisherman, I guess. Deep inside I wished he had contacted me after the fight. I’m starting to lose that glimmer of hope.

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  1. I just finish reading your love story. What a fun and cute love story. Congrats! You are finally engaged now with a ‘douchebag’, but I think he is a nice guy after all. Stay strong Olivia and Kalvin! Can’t wait for another Chapter of 111 Lovestory.

  2. Well your writing is so interesting to read. Waiting for your next update. Congrats on being in a nice relationship and enganged anyway. Cheers 😉