November 2, 2017

Some time ago, I had a friend who was working on a project that potentially would boost up her career. This was a person with full potential and talents – so I have no doubt of what she could do.

As I sat down and had a coffee with her, we shared our thoughts and experiences we’d had along the way. Soon, I realized how she kept on referring her goals as ‘there’ but she never actually addressed the definition of ‘there’. So I asked her where her ‘there’ was, and she said: “I have no idea”.

Although it was not ideal, I understand her. Several years ago I didn’t know where I was going either. I knew I wanted to be ‘there’ but where is ‘there’? Is it the most successful career woman? But what does being successful mean? Is it the richest man on earth? Is it the prettiest? Is it getting married?

You see, having a dream – a goal, is a really good thing. It sets your eyes toward something – and it actually helps you to move forward.

But I went through what my friend went through, so I understand that having a ‘there’ keeps your mind from being happy right now. It is as if we would never be happy when we are not ‘there’ yet.

It’s as if we would never be happy when we are not rich yet, pretty yet, famous yet, or married yet – and it is not the best feeling. Instead, I suggest to set a big goal – and then smaller milestones and focus on right here right now – the place where your loved ones are actually present. Sometimes all you need to do is to enjoy ‘here’ instead of waiting to be ‘there’.

Be happy, right now, right here.

Make-up by Morin

Photo by Mr Hendra

Outfit by Louis Vuitton