October 10, 2017

Summer Hatters hat | Gucci sunglasses by Optik SeisCÄLLA Atelier top | H&M skirt | Chanel bag | Miu Miu shoes

White shirt, although it’s one of the classic fashion pieces, can sometimes be too plain for special occasion. But I also have to admit that I cannot stir my style away from white shirts which leads me to swoon over this top from CÄLLA Atelier.

This top is a puffy-sleeved white shirt with a bow crop top. For my outfit of the day, I paired this up with ruffled skirt and ballerina shoes to walk around France. I love how every corner of this city felt so much like art that blended well with any style. Because the top was chic enough, I didn’t play around with accessories except for a hat and sling bag.


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