December 17, 2015

durance1 durance2

Christmas is around the corner and I couldn’t help from buying little gifts for myself. Probably from the jingly bingly song that makes you just want to grab and buy everything. It is so hypnotising.

So I made myself a pretty corner beside my bed as my relaxing area. It’s nice wind down after a hectic week.  I placed Durance fragrance diffuser that infused my room with fresh scent for days. You probably have seen this around, basically the rattan stems absorb the fragrance and as it evaporate, it diffuse a subtle smell. Simple yet amazing.

My favourite is Durance Pillow Perfume. I was skeptical at first. I didn’t know that pillow needs a perfume as well! It turns out that pillow perfume is specially made to be used on linen. I just spray the perfume onto the pillow before going to sleep, and enjoy the relaxing scent throughout the night. It is the most relaxing scent I ever smell. So soft and fresh. It literally makes me don’t want to leave my bed!! I’m using the moonflower scent, and I’m looking forward to try the other scents (apparently they have 13 different aromas!).

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